Thursday, August 13, 2015

Meet Anchored in Reading

   Hello! Welcome to Middle School Mob! I am Susie from Anchored in Reading and I am very passionate about reading. As an avid reader myself, I find it difficult to accept that some students ‘just aren’t readers.’ Every year I strive to create life-long readers. I am met with resistance occasionally (ok, maybe more than occasionally!) but make it my goal to show my students that reading can be absolutely enjoyable. Like any skill, I feel that it is my duty to show students how to become readers. In addition to modeling, I set very specific times during class for independent reading and conference with every student each week. During this conference we discuss their progress from the previous week and set a new reading goal for the upcoming week. This goal might be to reach a certain page or chapter.
   At the beginning of the school year, students may find it difficult to reach their goals or they might feel it is a ‘job’ and become frustrated. To combat that, I offer some sort of incentive every other week in order to keep the momentum up. By mid-year, my students are flying past their goals and often ask to increase the expectation. I see wonderful growth and I see kiddos excited about reading. Reading becomes more than a set goal for my students. I know it’s difficult to find time for individual conferences, but the results you will see are worth it!
  To help me stay organized during our conferences, I created a chart to track progress. You can find this freebie here at my TPT store. Follow my store for more helpful tools!

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