Friday, September 4, 2015

Back to School Tips and Tidbits!!!

Back to school is upon us…some of you (myself included) have already started, while others may be enjoying their last few days of summer break!  As I prepared to start the year, one area I wanted to focus on was being more consistent with my expectations and routines, starting on day 1.  Over the years, I have learned just how important this is.  

Here’s an example of some of the expectations I require of my students:
  • Line up outside the door in a straight line until I invite you in (this allows time for the current class to get all of their belongings, or for a quick chat w/ a student in b/t classes).
  • Immediately grab warm-up notebook upon entering the room (or whatever you have them use) and begin warm-up.  Having students begin work as soon as they come in sets the tone for the rest of the class and gives you time to do attendance, etc.).  
  • Bathroom Use- I found a great way to prevent the constant interruption of having students ask to use the restroom by using “Potty Passes.”  I found this great idea on In the Middle’s blog, and you can access them here.  Students get 5 potty passes per quarter.  Of course, if it’s an emergency and they’re out of passes, I would still let them go. 
As I stated previously, it's so important for students to have a warm-up/bell ringer posted on the board and ready to go as soon as they enter the room.  I felt that it was important to hold them accountable for this, so I decided to choose a group leader (or row leader, depending on how your class is set up) each week to check each group member's warm-up.  Each student can get up to 20 points for completing the warm-up, and then making the necessary corrections once we go over it together.  If they don't correct the mistakes, they only receive partial credit.  Then, on Fridays, I collect the charts and give them each a classwork grade.  You can access the chart for FREE here!

Also, during the first couple of days of school, I give each group or pair a set of Student Interest Task Cards.  The task cards allow me to get to know my students, which is extremely important in building that relationship from the get-go.  Check these out here!
Being prepared is key to having 
successful year, and this is the best 
advice I could give to any teacher.  Best 
of luck to all of you, and I hope you have 
fabulous 2015-16 school year!!! 

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  1. Having a plan and unique approach in order to train the students the way they should be so it will become a habit and hopefully will allow them to consistently practice it on a daily basis. It may take a lot of getting used to until they'll be able to to live with it. School is usually the second home of students, they are taught not only to gain academic excellence but also to enhance their social development. No matter how great the curriculum is, it would be futile if students don't participate or get themselves involved in every activity. School is one of a child's foundation for a bright future ahead so setting expectations and rules to follow is one great method of molding them, goodluck!