Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Great Paperless Quest of 2016

Hello all,

Today I'm sharing a tutorial I put together for how to create an electronic rubric using Google Sheets! 

After inheriting a new classroom with three filing cabinets and a built-in bookcase full of old binders and papers, I decided this year was the year I went completely paperless. I started having students write their essays on Google Docs and submit them via Google Classroom. Not surprisingly, it was a game changer! It's a million times easier to keep track of who's turned in their work and who hasn't, and I don't have to deal with carrying around a giant stack of papers anymore! I also love being able to type my comments rather than write them by hand. 

The only thing lingering was that pesky rubric. It felt wrong to have everything electronic but still have to pull out those paper rubrics when I wanted to start grading. After trying some Google add-ons with little success, I decided to make my next rubric in Google Sheets -- and since I'm a language arts teacher who despises math (sorry math teachers), I popped in a quick formula so the rubric will actually do the math for me! Then I just copy and paste the rubric at the bottom of their assignment, and wah-lah, grading ninja magic!

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