Friday, February 26, 2016

Shout Out Wall!

Hi everyone!  Julia here from History from the Middle!  Are you looking for a quick and easy way to add a little more "positive energy" into your classroom?  Try adding a Shout Out Wall!  Very quick and easy way to get your students sharing positive messages with and about each other in your class!

I've seen many variations of positive message walls in classrooms at my school.  I wanted to get my kiddos doing this too because I think when they cheerlead each other, it further adds to the positive classroom climate you are trying to create and perpetuate in your own class!

To set it up, I got a basket of Post-Its, a table and set it right by the door for easy access.  I then did a basic overview of what the Shout-Out Wall was to each class by emphasizing that it was an opportunity for them to celebrate their classmates!  I honestly didn't need to say much more because they were SO excited to get started!

Students can just grab a Post-It on their way out  or if they have some free time during class!

The next challenge was finding a place to have students post their Shout Outs. Unfortunately, my walls are pure concrete, and it's close to impossible to put up anything without a super strong staple gun!  So, I just "re-purposed" my Histagram wall that I have right by the front door of my class!  It works perfect!

It was the only place where the Post-Its would stick!

If you're looking to share a little positivity in your class, start with a Shout Out Wall!  EASY to set up, and SUPER fun for the kiddos to get involved!

How d you create positive environment in your class?


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