Thursday, December 17, 2015

How I Help Relieve My Students' Holiday Break Stress

Holiday Break Stress?


So many of our students say they "hate" school but if the truth be told, school is the only place these same kids can count on for stability in their lives.  That's why many of them "act up" right before they break.  They are stressed about what it means to be away from school.

So, to help them, I try to send some school home with them.  

First,  throughout the week preceding the break, I try to point out any free events that I know about so that the students might choose to attend with friends.  I also ask a student or two each day what their plans are for the break.  In this way, I plant seeds of ideas for students who have no plans.  

Then, I write a letter to each student with some kind words that give them suggestions for things to do when they get "bored" (although I don't put it that way in the letter!  :)  )

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Depending on how much "teacher money" I have, I try to purchase the students a book using Scholastic Book clubs that generally have $1 specials at this time of year.  But if I cannot buy the books, I make sure that my students have time to check out a book and even give them some "special paper" to write their stories or poems on.  

I pass out my letters on the last day before the break as my gift with a small candy cane.  

With the discussions that we have had throughout the week, capped off with the letter, it hopefully eases the transition from school to home.

What do you do to calm holiday stress in your classroom?  Join in the conversation in the comments below!

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