Thursday, November 12, 2015

Adult Coloring in the Classroom

Hello all! It's Shana from Hello, Teacher Lady

Believe it or not, the holidays are quickly approaching! As a teacher, trying to plan around them can be a little tricky -- you've got those days leading up to a break when many kids are out of town and also those pesky (but glorious) half days where you don't see all your classes. Because of this uncertainty, I try not to plan anything major during these times, but then that begs the question of what actually to do (without assigning a bunch of "busy work").

Enter adult coloring pages!

Adult coloring is pretty trendy these days, but for good reason. It's relaxing, fun, and allows you to be creative without having to think too hard -- a perfect activity for excited students on those days surrounding a break! We all know that students can be extra squirrely around the holidays, but I've noticed that adult coloring pages have a wonderful calming effect which helps combat the squirrelyness (yes, these are words!).

Check out some of my favorite resources for free adult coloring printables below:

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  1. I LOVE adult coloring pages and find myself using them all the time! Thanks for sharing these links - I'll have to print them out today for some therapeutic coloring this weekend!