Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Writing in Math

Hello, everyone! Mylie here from Edison Education to talk to you today about writing in math.

Wait, what? Writing in MATH??!!

Yes. You read that correctly. Writing is critical in all academic areas. If students can write about math, then they have a deeper understanding of all of the "whys" that go into it. It is hard for students to get involved in math because they truly do not understand why they will ever need to know the information. My goal this school year was to change that.

From my desire to implement writing in math class, I set about trying to create a way to get my students involved in writing. Did you know that there are virtually nothing about writing in math online? I mean, there are a few topics, but not anything of substance. And definitely not any prompts that I could use. It eventually evolved into creating my Writing in Math set on teachers pay teachers.

In my classroom, we start off our week by doing a writing as the warm-up on Mondays. I require my students to be able to complete the writing assignment in 4-5 sentences. My goal is to increase the number of required sentences each six weeks as the school year continues.

I will be the first to admit, I was fully expecting to have some push back from my students about writing with math topics. However, my students greatly surprised me. They embraced the weekly writings with barely a hiccup. Not only are my students getting to practice their writing skills, but I have also gotten to learn how my students truly view math. There have been some surprising revelations when reading their writings. I feel I have gotten to know my students even better than I did before.

If you are thinking about implementing writing in math class but do not know where to start, my Writing in Math set will be a great way for you to start. They are ready-to-print with no tweaking needed. I will be using them myself as the school year continues!

Have you ever implemented a consistent writing in a non-ELAR class?

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